I have been staking my claim in the diamond industry since 2012. My sole purpose is helping the modern-day jewellery buyer acquire a beautiful piece of fine jewellery using the most efficient, economic & environmentally friendly methods. I focus on procuring premium quality goods, creating classic & elegant designs whilst getting the best value for money at unbeatable rock bottom prices, typically 50-75% off London's West End retail prices. Through hard work, dedication & a rock solid reputation I have gained exclusive access to the global wholesale diamond markets enabling endless possibilities. Each one of the scintillating natural diamonds are ethically & sustainably sourced following the Kimberley Process. Let's have a chat about the 5 C's - Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat & Confidence.

Dicky Diamonds, it's got a ring to it!


Let's create something beautiful!

London Diamond Bourse,

100 Hatton Garden,


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Monday - Friday - 9am-5pm

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